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Seniors need

Low Vision, Electronic magnifiers, magnifying glasses, aids, daily living aids, emergency phones, walking aids, aids the visually impaired, trolleys, games,

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Emergency Phone

Emergency telephones, speaker phones, Elder Access phones, mobile phones for seniors, phones, hard of hearing,

Rollator, walking aids
Bathroom, sanitary
Health, aids
Talking Watch
Patient lifts
Therapy device


New Products

alarm clock with voice output alarm clock with voice output

Speaking radio controlled alarm clock, alarm clock with voice output,

This radio controlled alarm clock has a very clear voice output of time and date. A very simple operation makes this alarm clock ideal. Each touch of a button will be announced and the volume as well as the hourly time announcement are adjustable. A snooze function is integrated. This allows you to be woken up every 5 minutes.

Large display (6.5 cm x 4.0 cm)

Good tactile keys

Battery powered (requires 3 x AA 1.5 Volt battery, not included in delivery)

Size: B 16.5 cm x H 9.0 cm x D 8.0 cm

52,50 EUR
1 x 'alarm clock with voice output' order
BlindShell 2 BlindShell 2

Smartphone, BlindShell 2, Smartphone for the blind,

BlindShell 2 is a smartphone designed specifically for the blind and visually impaired. This smartphone was developed in collaboration with the Czech Blind and Visually Impaired (SONS) Association. Just dictate your SMS or E-Mails, or simply let your smartphone read your received SMS or E-Mails aloud. A banknote detection as well as a colour recognition are integrated, also an identification of objects by a „TapTapSeeApp“. For visually impaired a magnifier is integrated for reading and/or view texts, photos or documents.

Internet function, E-Mail, Whatsapp, Facebook, a MP3-Player and an audio book app are also included. A user manual has also been integrated in the device.

Additional to the features are a voice recorder, pocket calculator, calendar and radio included.

Technical specifications:

Android 5.1 with blindshell adjustments

Camera: 8MPX backside, 0.3MPX front side

Battery: 2200 mAh

Connectivity: WLAN, Bluetooth 4, GPS, GSM, EGPRS, 3G, HSPA +

Dual SIM (Dual Stand-by)

348,00 EUR
1 x 'BlindShell 2' order
Bookrest Bookrest

Bookrest, Wintan-leather, Desk-up,

Very elegant, high-quality bookrest in two sizes made of Wintan leather colour black. The inclination angle is 10 to 30 degrees freely selectable. This provides better light conditions and thus for better recognition of details. The working position is by this bookrest more ergonomic and comfortable for a relaxing work. Original made of Wintan leather, colour black.

exclusive design

Available in two sizes

XL storage area of 44 cm to 32 cm

Medium storage area of 36 cm to 29 cm

Sloping position adjustable in two stages (inclination angle of 10 ° or 30 °

Very high quality manufacture

Very easy maintenance

Delivered will be size is 36 x 29 cm

from 96,90 EUR
1 x 'Bookrest' order
Positioning board Positioning board

Positioning board, Etac Fix,

Special cutting board keeps food and items securely. Without risk of injury. Simply clamp and go!

Practical board for fixation of food and objects

Very easy to use

Allows you to cut food without injury

Anti slip board due to integrated suction cup feet

Suitable for right and left handers

Dishwasher safe

55,80 EUR
1 x 'Positioning board' order
walker walker

4-wheel walker, silver, Bischoff & Bischoff,

It does not have to be a wheelchair! The walker is a secure and stable support when getting up and running.

On the tray, the food from the kitchen are brought into the dining room. On the seat can be taken place to rest.

The walker has two locking hand brakes. The front two of the four lightweight wheels are steerable.

The walker can be folded and the handle height is adjustable.

(Overall width: 61.5 cm, Handle height: 78-100 cm, length 69 cm, L., folded: 30 cm, seat height 58 cm, weight 9.1 kg)

78,00 EUR
incl. 7 % Tax excl.
1 x 'walker' order
Geemarc Serenities Geemarc Serenities

Geemarc, Serenities, talking phone

The hearing aid compatible telephone Geemarc Serenities with emergency call arm strap and speech output of the number and letter keys is an almost complete emergency system for the home. It is particularly suitable for elderly, visually impaired and blind. With incoming call, the name of the caller will be announced, when the phone number is stored and provided with name, with unknown callers the phone number will be announced. The announcement used for an emergency call can be recorded by yourself. The max. volume levels are: 28 dB handset volume and max. 85 dB ring tone. The range of the emergency call radio transmitter is 20 m indoors. Incoming calls are displayed visually via flashlight, too. The receipt of calls as well as the ending are possible by the emergency call arm strap.

5 emergency numbers can be stored

5 one-touch keys

tone pitch control in 4 steps

handsfree function

large illuminated display (8 cm x 4 cm)

10 ring tones

30 phonebook entries

suitable for wall mounting

116,03 EUR
incl. 19 % Tax excl.
1 x 'Geemarc Serenities' order
Voxcom 2 Voxcom 2

Voxcom 2, Identification labels,

This labelling device has only one record button for ease of use. Available in two styles with either 50 or 100 cards and including a volume control, you can record your own voice on to re-usable identification labels. The VOXCOM II comes complete with velcro strips, magnetic strips, cable ties and elastic bands. Use it for labelling household items, fridge or freezer contents, books, etc. Size 69 mm 2.74” (W) x 94 mm 3.73” (H) x 30 mm 1.20” (D).

Powered by 1 x PP3 Alkaline battery (included).

from 185,90 EUR
1 x 'Voxcom 2' order
Talking personal scale Talking personal scale

Talking personal scale, Cobolt Speechmaster,

Advanced strain gauge technology with computerised calibration combined with its slim design make this scale a pleasure to use. Simply stand on the scale - no switching on required. Step off when requested and the scale will speak your weight then switch off automatically. Speech is in a male voice and the volume is adjustable. The English version speaks your weight in Stones and Pounds, Pounds or Kilos. You can convert your weight between any units without having to re-weigh yourself. Other languages are available which weigh in metric units only.

Size 290 mm 11.4” (W) x 315 mm 12.4” (L) x 36 mm 1.43” (D).

Powered by 1 x PP3 Alkaline battery (included).

116,50 EUR
1 x 'Talking personal scale' order
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