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Emergency Phone  

Emergency telephones, speaker phones, Elder Access phones, mobile phones for seniors, phones, hard of hearing,


 Big Button Telephone Big Button Telephone

Big Button Telephon, Integral Answering Machine,

14 minutes of recording time

Messages retrievable from the handset

Visual indicator of number of messages

79,90 EUR
1 x 'Big Button Telephone' order

Adjustable volume control (up to 30dB)

Adjustable receiving tone control (+/-10dB)

The volume and tone control can be adjusted from the handset for greater ease of use.

Adjustable ringing volume with variety of melodies

Speaker Phone

4 direct memories

Phonebook of up to 50 names and numbers)

87,10 EUR
1 x 'AMPLIDECT280' order


A reworked circuitry meant to reduce interferences makes the AmpliDECT350 the best Hearing Aid Compatible Cordless Telephone on the market.

96,90 EUR
1 x 'AMPLIDECT350' order
 Geemarc Serenities Geemarc Serenities

Geemarc, Serenities, talking phone

The hearing aid compatible telephone Geemarc Serenities with emergency call arm strap and speech output of the number and letter keys is an almost complete emergency system for the home. It is particularly suitable for elderly, visually impaired and blind. With incoming call, the name of the caller will be announced, when the phone number is stored and provided with name, with unknown callers the phone number will be announced.

116,03 EUR
incl. 19 % Tax excl.
1 x 'Geemarc Serenities' order

Amplified, Cordless Telephone, Integral Answering Machine,

Integral Answering Machine

15 minutes of recording time (up to 60 messages)

98,90 EUR
1 x 'AMPLIDECT285' order
 Emergency bracelet Emergency bracelet

Emergency bracelet, Libify Geocare,

For the GEOCARE system Libify, remote release for mobile rescue and locating System of Libify GEOCARE.

117,50 EUR
1 x 'Emergency bracelet' order
 Doro 350c Secure Doro 350c Secure

Seniors telephone, Doro 350c Secure,

Simple phone with loud adjustable handset volume (+20 dB) and loud adjustable ringer (88dB).

Includes two wireless emergency call transmitter.

Phone with loud adjustable handset volume (+20 dB)

129,00 EUR
1 x 'Doro 350c Secure' order
 Geemarc BDP 400 Geemarc BDP 400

Geemarc, BDP 400, Speackerphon,

One of the Winners of the Enable '09 Best Electrical Product Competition!

Full vocalisation of names, numbers, menu, commands, date and time

Self-recordable phonebook

Talking Caller ID

139,90 EUR
1 x 'Geemarc BDP 400' order
 Alto 2, Gold GMT Alto 2, Gold GMT

Mobile Phone, Alto 2, speacking phon,

This mobile phone offers an exceptional reading experience (large display, high contrasts), a user-optimized interface, a clear and articulate sound (more than 60dB gain are possible) and a voice menu to help with questions and for other applications. The slide-out keyboard is specially designed for optimum accessibility and equipped with sturdy buttons. An alarm also allows automatically to family members or caregivers to be informed.

from 176,60 EUR
1 x 'Alto 2, Gold GMT' order
 Rescue system Rescue system

Mobile rescue, and locating system, Libify, GEOCARE,

Mobile rescue and locating system with secure positioning by GPS. With position detection and speakerphone function. Easy to use.

Mobile rescue and locating system

instead 619,00 EUR
only 560,00 EUR

1 x 'Rescue system' order

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