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Blind aids

Handicapped needs, vision aids, Braille, software, reading systems, screen readers.

Many products can be subsidized by health insurance.

Ask us.

If you have any questions on products in the senior needs or handicapped needs or need assistance, please contact us by telephone on 02154 / 8959800.

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Braille display
Daisy Player

Daisy Player, Victor reader ClassicX,Victor reader ClassicX+, Victor Reader Stream,

Daisy player, the portable players:

Victor reader ClassicX
Victor reader ClassicX+
Victor Reader Stream

For audio and MP3 CDs, Daisy audio books and more
Portable, convenient format
Easy to use

Variety of uses

The victor reader ClassicX and ClassicX+ are players for audio and MP3 CDs, Daisy audio books, normal audiobooks and much more. The little victor reader stream does not support CD, but many other formats (see table below).

Easy to operate

All Daisy players are rugged, compact, portable - and can be operated easily.

By clearly noticeable buttons you assign the controls quickly and clearly. A voice tells to you, what function you've selected.

Easy navigation

Simply pop in the desired format, you can enjoy the medium which you want to hear and use the read functions: you can move around within a book, for example, to search for information, forward and skip backward, skip paragraphs or use bookmarks.

Many reading media available

Enjoy the variety of media: not only books are available in the Daisy format, but also numerous non-fiction books and magazines.

Zoomtext, Magnifier, Reeder, DolphinGuide, Invofox, Supernova.
Navigation systems
Telephone w. voice
Talking Watch
Colour identifier


New Products

SmartVision2 SmartVision2

SmartVision2, Smartphone, speaking telephone, visually impaired people,

SmartVision2 is an Android smartphone for visually impaired people. Tactile keyboard, touch screen and full voice-controlled user interface.

User interface:

easy selection through the menu by large symbols

voice control / voice command

clear and powerful speech synthesis with premium voices

3 available operating possibilities: tactile leyboard, touch screen and voice command

Main functions:

phone, messages, e-mail, calendar, alarm, calculator, Internet, PlayStore, notes

pedestrian navigation „Kapten“ (must be activated – additional costs)

shortcut keys, eg. Speed dialing, menu and telephone status information

compatible with any network operator

Additional applications:

Help button: Allows a third person to access your phone, eg. For configuration problems (ask for assistance via SMS)

Emergency call / SOS button

Zoom function

4 font sizes selectable

colour recognition function

OCR (conversion of text documents into speech)

NFC technology (Near Field Communication) wireless data transmission with which among other things TAGs or electronic labels can be read

barrier-free mode settable


SIM card format: standard (2FF)

Connections: micro USB OTG 2.0, 3.5 mm headphone jack

mobile phone connection: - HSUPA /HSDPA (3G +) - UMTS (3G) – GSM 850/900/1800/1900

wireless connections: - Bluetooth 3.0 – WLAN IEEE 82.11 a/b/g/n 2.5 Ghz/5 Ghz – NFC (not available in SmartVision Lite)

power consumption: battery: 2000 mAh Li-ion, standby: 220 h, talk time: 10 h

Processor type: Cortex A9 @ 1 Ghz

Internal memory: 16 GB • External memory: microSD - max. 64GB

GPS Receiver: Yes, with A-GPS support

Other sensors: Acceleration sensor, Gyrosensor, digital compass

SAR: 0.297 W / kg


resolution: 5 megapixels

video: HD 720p @ 30 fps

focus: manual and autofocus

digital zoom: 4-fold

flash: LED

Extension options:
activation by manufacturer Kapsys by giving the IMEI number: package Premium App navigation, OCR, Daisy Book Reader and more

590,00 EUR
1 x 'SmartVision2' order
ZoomText 11, magnifier, reader, ZoomText 11, magnifier, reader,

ZoomText 11, magnifier, reader, AiSquared,

With ZoomText 11 you get a standalone screen magnifier with voice output. ZoomText 11 now fully supports the Windows login for Windows 10, 8 and 7. So you are able to enlarge the screen when you log in and read the texts. Many improvements have been made to enable a faster and easier learning of the program. ZoomText 11 gives you the full control of the magnification from 1-fold up to 60-fold in small increments. The „xFont technology“ significantly improves the reproduction quality of the enlarged text. The new „ZoomText Recorder“ allows you to create audio recordings from texts of documents, web pages or emails, which you then are able to tranfer to your mobile device and listen to them at a later time. The recordings can be stored directly in a „ZoomText Recorder“ playlist in iTunes or a Windows Media Player and can be automatically transferred to your mobile device. And much more.

System requirements:

Windows 10, 8 or 7 with Service Pack 1 (or higher)

Processor: 2 Ghz i3 dual core processor or comparable. I5 or i7 is recommended.

4 GB of RAM. 8 GB of RAM recommended.

Graphics card with support for DirectX 10 or higher.

Recommended: 256 MB of dedicated video memory.

400 MB of hard disk space. SSD drive recommended.

Support for 5-point multitouch display for TouchScreen operation.

Support for USB 2.0 ZoomText camera.

930,00 EUR
1 x 'ZoomText 11, magnifier, reader,' order
ZoomText 11, magnifier, USB-Stick ZoomText 11, magnifier, USB-Stick

ZoomText 11, magnifier, USB-Stick

ZoomText 11 magnifier USB-Stick with the innovative complete control of the magnification from 1-fold up to 60-fold in small steps supports the Windows login now, too. So you are able to enlarge the screen when you log in and read the texts. The new ZoomText 11 allows you to learn the using of the software more quickly and easily. ZoomText 11 supports Windows 10, 8 and 7. With its new USB 2.0 camera-function ZoomText 11 became a standalone screen magnifier. ZoomText 11 supports Microsoft Office '(Word, Excel, Outlook), Adobe Acrobat X, Adobe Reader X, Firefox, iTunes and Java 100%. With multiple enhancements, especially the control of magnification in small increments of 1-fold up to 60-fold, displaying a typeface in print quality, as well as a new text finder and web finder, ZoomText 11 allows you to work faster.

This software has been developed for users of all age groups and by their experiences.

System requirements (minimum):

Windows 10, 8 or 7 with Service Pack 1 (or higher)

Processor: 2 Ghz i3 dual core processor or comparable. I5 or i7 is recommended.

4 GB of RAM. 8 GB of RAM recommended.

Graphics card with support for DirectX 10 or higher.

Recommended: 256 MB of dedicated video memory.

400 MB of hard disk space. SSD drive recommended.

Support for 5-point multitouch display for TouchScreen operation.

Support for USB 2.0 ZoomText camera.

720,00 EUR
1 x 'ZoomText 11, magnifier, USB-Stick' order
Talking Microwave Oven MK 6 Talking Microwave Oven MK 6
Talking Microwave Oven MK 6, English, French or Norwegian

With three "Favourite" buttons to store your three most frequently used programmes and a fully tactile and wipe clean keypad, the microwave has a power rating of 800 watts and is a 25 litre / 0.9 cu ft oven. It has a full range of features, including: rotating turntable, talking clock, adjustable speech volume and talking kitchen timer independent of the oven. Basic operation is by selecting power level and time. Programmed operation is by selecting cook / defrost, food type and weight or by selecting from a range of frozen and un-frozen convenience foods and weight. It has auto-minute and programme pause functions, spoken requests to stir or turn food during cooking and to leave food to stand after cooking. The oven speaks when the door is opened or closed and speaks confirmation of functions selected and cooking time. The time remaining is spoken at the press of a button at any stage whilst cooking. The microwave has a rugged stainless steel interior. Remarkably easy to use.

Instructions in large print and on tape.

Size External: 510 mm 20" (W) x 280 mm 11" (H) x 370 mm 14.56"(D)

from 510,00 EUR
1 x 'Talking Microwave Oven MK 6' order
BlindShell 2 BlindShell 2

Smartphone, BlindShell 2, Smartphone for the blind,

BlindShell 2 is a smartphone designed specifically for the blind and visually impaired. This smartphone was developed in collaboration with the Czech Blind and Smartphone, BlindShell 2, Smartphone for the blind, Visually Impaired (SONS) Association. Just dictate your SMS or E-Mails, or simply let your smartphone read your received SMS or E-Mails aloud. A banknote detection as well as a colour recognition are integrated, also an identification of objects by a „TapTapSeeApp“. For visually impaired a magnifier is integrated for reading and/or view texts, photos or documents.

Internet function, E-Mail, Whatsapp, Facebook, a MP3-Player and an audio book app are also included. A user manual has also been integrated in the device.

Additional to the features are a voice recorder, pocket calculator, calendar and radio included.

Technical specifications:

Android 5.1 with blindshell adjustments

Camera: 8MPX backside, 0.3MPX front side

Battery: 2200 mAh

Connectivity: WLAN, Bluetooth 4, GPS, GSM, EGPRS, 3G, HSPA +

Dual SIM (Dual Stand-by)

348,00 EUR
1 x 'BlindShell 2' order
Webbox2 Webbox2

Webbox2, Optelec, Daisy Player, Victor Reader,

Webbox2 was developed especially for visually impaired and the blind people. Webbox 2 is in its basic function a Daisy Player with all functions of a Daisy Player. Optionally, this device can do even more. Via Internet connection (e.g. by Telecom, 1&1, Vodafone etc.) you can inform yourselve without a Computer on the Internet, listen to music from all over the world or audio books are read aloud to you.

For this optional service, which is not included in your Internet connection, you will be charged a monthly fee of 5.95 € for a minimum term of 3 months. The corresponding request is included with the delivery. This option implies following items:

Filter and adaption of media content for the Webbox2 designed for the blind

Access to service-webpages

Customer support by phone and e-mail

Don't you want that? You can use Webbox2 also as a normal Daisy Player.

Technical specifications:

Supported audio formats: MP3, M4A, WMA, MEG4 / 2 AAC-LC (+ PNS), HE-AAC v2, Ogg-Vorbis, Wave

Supported playlists: m3u, asx, pls, xml, smil

Supported book formats: DAISY2.02, DAISY3 (ANSI/NISO Z39.86), DAISY Online, DAISY Talking books (PDTB2 for downloads) NCC, SND, NCX

Supported text ocuments: plain text, DOCX, HTML / XML

Links and connections:

SD memory card slot for SD-SD, SD-HC and SD-XC cards

2x USB connector Type A full-speed · Network (Ethernet) 10/100 baseT, RJ45 socket

Wireless network WLAN / WiFi EEE802.11b/g/n

3.5 mm jack socket for headphones

2x RCA (RCA) connector for stereo or active speakers

Dimensions: 200 x 220 x 80 mm

Weight: 900 grams


Webbox2 device

Remote control

2x battery type AAA

LAN cable Cat.5

Power supply 100 - 240V AC, 2A

Cinch- (RCA) cable

649,00 EUR
1 x 'Webbox2' order
ALVA 640 Comfort ALVA 640 Comfort

ALVA 640 Comfort, Braille, Optelec,

The Optelec ALVA 640 Comfort is the latest addition to the Optelec Braille display family. It offers a Braille keyboard, an internal notepad function and Bluetooth® wireless technology to convert text from your PC, tablet or phone into a seamless line of 40 Braille characters. The ALVA Comfort 640 stands out in its simplicity, ease of use and affordability. You do not even have to install a screen reader, you can start using it right away. The ALVA Comfort 640 can be easily charged via USB and used for up to 10 hours.

40 Braille cells: for reading

8 dot Braille keyboard: for writing

One piece cell cap

40 cursor routing keys positioned below the Braille line

Easy navigation: 5 thumb keys / 4 buttons

8 GB integrated memory

Award winning NVDA Screen Reader on-board

Possibility to include your preferred screen reader on-board

Integrated high range Bluetooth technology (within a range of 100 meters)

Keys for Control, Windows, Enter, Alt and Spacebar

Specification: 33.8 x 11.5 x 1.8 cm / 13.3 x 4.5 x 0.7 inches; 780 grams / 1.7 lbs

Screen Reader Compatibility: Windows 7 and 8 (32-bit and 64-bit):JAWS (version 11 and up)

SuperNova, Window-Eyes, NVDA

3.190,00 EUR
1 x 'ALVA 640 Comfort' order
EasyLink 12 Touch EasyLink 12 Touch

EasyLink 12 Touch, Braille, Optelec,

Whether you Touch is the ideal Braille assistant for you. It seamlessly connects to your iPhone, iPad or are an advanced Braille user or read in Braille less frequently, the Optelec EasyLink 12 iPod, providing easy Braille access to these modern touch screen devices anywhere and anytime.

12 Braille cells with integrated touch cursor routing sensor: for reading and navigation

6 Braille and 3 function input keys for writing

Navigation: true touch cursor routing, joystick & 2 Braille navigation keys

Integrated Bluetooth technology (standard v.1.1)

Integrated rechargeable battery: offering 12 hours continuous use

Dimensions: 15.1 x 9.6 x 2.1 cm / 5.9 x 3.8 x 0.8 in

Weight: 260 g / 9 oz

Screen Reader Compatibility

Apple iOS VoiceOver

1.180,90 EUR
1 x 'EasyLink 12 Touch' order
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