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Health, aids  


 alarm clock with voice output alarm clock with voice output

Speaking radio controlled alarm clock, alarm clock with voice output,

This radio controlled alarm clock has a very clear voice output of time and date. A very simple operation makes this alarm clock ideal. Each touch of a button will be announced and the volume as well as the hourly time announcement are adjustable. A snooze function is integrated. This allows you to be woken up every 5 minutes.

66,30 EUR
1 x 'alarm clock with voice output' order
 Positioning board Positioning board

Positioning board, Etac Fix,

Special cutting board keeps food and items securely. Without risk of injury. Simply clamp and go!

Practical board for fixation of food and objects

Very easy to use

Allows you to cut food without injury

Anti slip board due to integrated suction cup feet

Suitable for right and left handers

Dishwasher safe

69,90 EUR
1 x 'Positioning board' order
 Blood pressure gauge Blood pressure gauge

Blood pressure gauge,

This blood pressure gauge for the taking at the upper arm makes precise results possible. The result will be announced well audible. Its extra large display makes a comfortable reading possible.

79,90 EUR
1 x 'Blood pressure gauge' order
 Talking Label Talking Label

Talking Label, Cobolt Speechmaster,

A small easy to use label recorder, which allows you to record a 10 second message.

81,50 EUR
1 x 'Talking Label' order
 Bookrest Bookrest

Bookrest, Wintan-leather, Desk-up,

Very elegant, high-quality bookrest in two sizes made of Wintan leather colour black. The inclination angle is 10 to 30 degrees freely selectable. This provides better light conditions and thus for better recognition of details. The working position is by this bookrest more ergonomic and comfortable for a relaxing work. Original made of Wintan leather, colour black.

from 96,90 EUR
1 x 'Bookrest' order
 Wireless headphones Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones, Humantechnik,

Extra loud Wireless headphones with up to 125 dB and crystal clear sound quality thanks to the latest technology. Integrated high and low tone control. Extra loud TV / Audio Sound Amplifier up to max. 125 dB.

117,50 EUR
1 x 'Wireless headphones' order
 Emergency bracelet Emergency bracelet

Emergency bracelet, Libify Geocare,

For the GEOCARE system Libify, remote release for mobile rescue and locating System of Libify GEOCARE.

132,86 EUR
1 x 'Emergency bracelet' order
 Rescue system Rescue system

Mobile rescue, and locating system, Libify, GEOCARE,

Mobile rescue and locating system with secure positioning by GPS. With position detection and speakerphone function. Easy to use.

Mobile rescue and locating system

619,00 EUR
1 x 'Rescue system' order

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