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Handicap aid

Handicapped needs, vision aids, electronic magnifiers, emergency phone, daily living aids, Braille, software, reading systems, screen readers.

Many products can be subsidized by health insurance.

If you have any questions on products in the senior needs or handicapped needs or need assistance, please contact us by telephone on 02154 / 8959800.

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Daisy Player

Daisy Player, Victor Reader,

Daisy player, the portable players:

Victor reader ClassicX
Victor reader ClassicX+
Victor Reader Stream

For audio and MP3 CDs, Daisy audio books and more
Portable, convenient format
Easy to use

Variety of uses

The victor reader ClassicX and ClassicX+ are players for audio and MP3 CDs, Daisy audio books, normal audiobooks and much more. The little victor reader stream does not support CD, but many other formats (see table below).

Easy to operate

All Daisy players are rugged, compact, portable - and can be operated easily.

By clearly noticeable buttons you assign the controls quickly and clearly. A voice tells to you, what function you've selected.

Easy navigation

Simply pop in the desired format, you can enjoy the medium which you want to hear and use the read functions: you can move around within a book, for example, to search for information, forward and skip backward, skip paragraphs or use bookmarks.

Many reading media available

Enjoy the variety of media: not only books are available in the Daisy format, but also numerous non-fiction books and magazines.

Navigation systems
Braille display
Optical magnifiers
PC keyboard XXL


New Products

Powerlux 5 Powerlux 5

Hand magnifier, Eschenbach, Powerlux 5, aid number:,

Compact and ergonomically shaped lens with 5x magnification and bright lighting, including storage case

Compact and ergonomically designed hand-held magnifier

5x magnification (equivalent to 20 dpt)

Lens diameter of 5.8 cm

Includes bright LED lighting

Available with cool white or warm white light

Glare-free and uniform illumination

Automatic shutdown after 30 minutes

Includes 3 AA batteries

Supplied hard foam case convenient storage

from 114,30 EUR
1 x 'Powerlux 5' order
Mobilux Mobilux

Hand magnifier, Mobilux, Eschenbach, Mobilux LED square, extra large lens, aid number:,

Magnifier with large lens and 4x magnification, integrated lighting with optional white or yellow light

Magnifier with 4-fold magnification

Extra large lens with 7.5 cm x 5.0 cm

Choice of bright white light or yellow light (clip-on yellow filter included)

Scratch-resistant lens

Very easy to use

Convenient eyelet at the end of the handle for lanyard

Includes carrying case for safe storage

Ergonomically shaped handle

No lamp replacement required by unlimited lifespan of LED light

Battery operated (requires 2 x AA batteries included in delivery)

99,50 EUR
1 x 'Mobilux' order
Emergency bracelet Emergency bracelet

Emergency bracelet, Libify Geocare,

For the GEOCARE system Libify, remote release for mobile rescue and locating System of Libify GEOCARE. Emergency button with bracelet that is used as a remote trigger for the GEOCARE system. Can also be worn while bathing or in the shower. Remote release for the GEOCARE system.

Is to be worn around the wrist like a watch

Just press a button to make an emergency call

Range in free field: 300 m

Range indoor: 30 m

Complies with DIN standard for wireless pendant

High wearing comfort

Special technique avoids dropped calls and false alarms

132,86 EUR
1 x 'Emergency bracelet' order
Rescue system Rescue system

Mobile rescue, and locating system, Libify, GEOCARE,

Mobile rescue and locating system with secure positioning by GPS. With position detection and speakerphone function. Easy to use.

Mobile rescue and locating system

Particularly easy handling

All functions can be adjusted to your requirements and needs

Precise GPS positioning with especially high network coverage

Acoustic signal remotely activated to make it easier to find the person in distress

Navigation to the person in distress

Just press a button to send a distress call to one or more persons or bodies

No unlocking of buttons or contact search in the address book necessary

Emergency contacts and emergency chain freely selectable

Automatic emergency call when exiting defined zones adjustable

Implementation of no-go zones (zones that may not be accessed) possible

All data are managed and authorized by the user

Position detection via a variety of media possible (mobile, computer, Internet)

GEOCARE can be called directly

Simple communication via integrated speakerphone function

Clear and simple position display in map view

GEOCARE is waterproof and shockproof

Contact even in sleep mode

Dimensions (without charger): 6.8 cm x 4 cm x 2.7 cm

Weight: 72 g

Battery life: 48 hours (at position determination every 1.5 min)


Optional accessories available

Requires SIM card from a normal mobile

619,00 EUR
1 x 'Rescue system' order
Foldi Foldi

Daylight lamp, Foldi, from Daylight

The portable Daylight LED - lamp equipped with 30 super-bright fusion - LEDs for perfectly even and pleasant light. With 3 AA - batteries an operation from up to 8 hours is possible. You can also use the supplied power cord for your computer to use the Foldi in continuous operation in the office or at home. It fits into any bag is only 500 gr easy.

Scope of delivery:

Foldi LED Lamp, white

extra long USB cable

Power supply (plug-in application for Europe and UK), including

3 AA batteries

white protective bag


142,80 EUR
1 x 'Foldi' order
Twist Twist

Twist, workplace luminaire, in white

Daylights portable lamp Twist has an ingenious Easy-Twist top and thus guarantees optimum illumination of the work area. You get a perfect colour match with the sensational light of Daylight 13 Watt fluorescent energy. Due to its compact and lightweight design, you can take this lamp along anywhere.

Scope of delivery:

portable lamp Twist, white

daylight fluorescent lamp, 13 watts


104,90 EUR
1 x 'Twist' order
Victor Reader Stream Victor Reader Stream

Victor Reader Stream, HumanWare,

Much more than just an audio player, because the new generation of stream opens blind and visually impaired a new world of wireless Internet access. Ready for the future - wireless Internet connection. Imagine you have the latest novels, magazines, your favorite music, movies audio description, texts and your own voice recordings, all in the palm of your hand. With its new lightweight, compact design, the Victor Reader Stream provides hours of listening pleasure anywhere! The new stream is much more than an audio player, because the stream enables blind and visually impaired people, a new type of wireless internet access.

Technical Specifications (subject to change):

Dimensions (W x H x D): 11.4 x 6.2 x 1.8 cm

Weight: 110 g with battery

Supported Daisy formats: 2.0, 2.0.2 and ANSI / NISO Z39.86 2002/2005 (DAISY 3)

Audio formats: MP4 AAC, AMR-WB +, FLAC, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Speex, WAV

Recording formats: PCM, WAV, MP3

Speech: Acapela (2 votes) file type brf, txt, html, xml, DOCX, EPUB

Power supply via Micro USB: Lithium-Ion Battery

Charging time: 5 hours;

Battery life: up to 15 hours (depending on settings)

Features: SD card slot (up to 32GB), micro USB for external connection, headphones and

Microphone jack (3.5 mm each), with the announcement of real-time clock date / time, firmware upgrade via SD card or Internet

410,00 EUR
1 x 'Victor Reader Stream' order
Slim Line XL Slim Line XL

Keyboard, LogicKeyboard Slim Line XL,

Keyboard with extra large lettering with abrasion protection. Comfortable soft touch keys and simple connection.

Incl. two USB - ports.

Quality keyboard with extra large lettering

Bold keyboard characters can be identified optimally

High-contrast colour design

Light-dark contrast ensures perfect readability

Special abrasion protection for long life of the characters

Comfortable readability during extended use of the keyboard

Avaible in four different colour combination

from 105,00 EUR
1 x 'Slim Line XL' order
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