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Portable screen reader  


 Digitale Lupe DR-200, Carson Digitale Lupe DR-200, Carson

124,90 EUR
1 x 'Digitale Lupe DR-200, Carson' order

499,00 EUR
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 Acrobat HD Acrobat HD

Screen reader, Acrobat HD, EV Optron, without monitor,

The screen reader Acrobat HD can be used as standalone unit or portable screen reader. The device is available in 2 versions: long arm or short arm. The HD camera can be rotated in different positions, as self-view (mirror position), distance view or in reading position. This settings will be saved by the camera, therefore these positions are immediately useable without any further inventions. The autofocus ensures automatically a sharper image in a matter of seconds. Adjustable colours for the background or font. The remote control is included.

from 2.600,00 EUR
1 x 'Acrobat HD' order
 Sentry plus Sentry plus

Screen reader, Sentry plus,

Imagine using a video magnifier with a fully flexible and adjustable camera for desktop and distance viewing. The Sentry plus offers connectivity with either a separate VGA monitor or desktop computer. A fully adjustable 'tilt-and-swivel' camera-head is mounted on an arm, providing generous space beneath for practical activities including writing, crafts, modelling, needlework and embroidery, home electrics and, painting and drawing.

2.737,00 EUR
1 x 'Sentry plus' order
 Acrobat HD mini Acrobat HD mini

Portable screen reader, Acrobat HD mini, EV Optron,

Acrobat HD mini by EV Optron, an ideal screen reader for students, professional users or just taken away. All known features of the Acrobat product group, such as self-view, visibility and reading vision are here compactly united. The visibility nakes it easy to take a look into the garden or at the blackboard. The gigh resolution SONY-camera with autofocus enables a magnification in high definition. The monitor with a screen size of 13.3 inches or 33.8 cm makes even small pictures appear large. The various camera settings are stored. The screen reader Acrobat HD mini can be operated for 6 hours mains-independent, only then the battery needs to be recharged.

from 2.850,00 EUR
1 x 'Acrobat HD mini' order
 Onyx HD Onyx HD

Portable screen reader, Onyx, HD, Optelec

The new portable Onyx HD screen reader is a 1.95 kg lightweight portable screen reader. Ideal for school, university and work. With an enlargement of 1.9-fold up to 141-fold you can recognize the smallet dot, too. This camera has an HDMI, USB 3.0 (video) connector, a USB 2 connector for the power supply. Optional a power supply USB plug can be requested for a power supply via notebook. The provided software is compatible with Windows 7/8/10.

2.969,00 EUR
1 x 'Onyx HD' order
 ClearNote Light ClearNote Light

Portable Screen reader, ClearNote Light, Optelec,

Video Magnifiers with USB connectivity.Imagine connecting an Optelec USB-compatible video magnifier to a standard laptop or desktop PC to create the ultimate workstation for low vision students and mobile professionals. Simply install the plug-and-play software to a laptop or desktop PC and connect the ClearNote or ClearNote+ to start working quickly. The intelligent camera preset system allows the ClearNote and ClearNote+ to remember specific image settings when connected to a PC.

2.975,00 EUR
1 x 'ClearNote Light' order
 Traveller HD Traveller HD

Portable screen reader Traveller HD, Optelec,

Traveller HD by Optelec is the perfect companion on journeys, for school or studies. By pressing the unlock buttons the screen will be automatically erected, then switch on the device and the portable screen reader is already ready for use. The magnification is from 2.4x up to 30 times.

2.995,00 EUR
1 x 'Traveller HD' order
 ClearNote VGA ClearNote VGA

Portable Screen reader, ClearNote VGA, without monitor,

Screen reader ClearNote VGA from Optelec with autofocus camera 18x optical zoom.

3.213,00 EUR
1 x 'ClearNote VGA' order
 ClearNote HD ClearNote HD

Portable screen reader, ClearNote HD, Optelec,

Technical data:

autofocus camera 12x optical zoom

swivel camera

intelligent camera position detection

3.464,00 EUR
1 x 'ClearNote HD' order

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